An experience point (or XP) is, as in many games, awarded to players for game achievements. Experience points are awarded for completing quests and also accrue over time automatically. When a player accrues enough experience points, they gain a level. Every 10 levels the player is allowed to occupy one extra dungeon.

Gaining experience Edit

There are currently only two confirmed methods of gaining XP.

  1. Complete quests: The various Quests throughout the game give varying amounts of XP, from 10 for the basic quests, to as much as 300 for the final Vengeance quest. This is the only way to gain XP until level 10, but after that it starts to slow down considerably, as the quests become more and more difficult, but the rewards don't increase.
  2. Hourly XP: Once a player reaches level ten, they will begin to get a regular amount of XP each hour. The amount gained depends on the level of the player's Rooms. Every room that is Level 2 or higher will generate some amount of hourly XP, dependent upon the specific room type.
    • The Technology Overlord's Influence increases experience gain by 1%. So in the time it would normally take you to earn 100 XP you will instead earn 101 XP.

Note: The hourly XP rate is a count of the amount of XP generated in an hour, but the XP is not gained all at once (unless the player is only getting 1 XP/hour). Instead, it is gained 1 point at a time, at certain intervals dependent on the production rate. For example, if a player is producing experience at a rate of 4 XP/hour, then that player will gain 1 XP every 15 minutes.

When you first load up the game your experience will not always have updated since you last played. After the next XP point gain, as mentioned above, it will sync you back up to the proper XP amount you should have.

Gaining levels Edit

The player's progress towards the next level is shown at the top of the screen, in the form of a green bar that fills up as the player gains XP. Upon reaching the displayed amount of XP, thus filling the bar, a congratulations message is shown, and the player's XP resets to zero. The message must be acknowledged by the player before XP accrual toward the next level begins. The amount of XP required to level up increases with each level.

Level Experience Needed Title Total Experience Needed Additional Bonus
1 0 Miscreant 0 Starter level
2 60 Miscreant 60 +2 Tiles
3 180 Miscreant 240 +1 Goblin
4 360 Miscreant 600 +2 Tiles
5 600 Miscreant 1200 +1 Goblin
6 900 Miscreant 2100 +1 Max. Dungeon Population
7 1260 Miscreant 3360 +2 Tiles
8 1680 Miscreant 4040 +1 Max. Dungeon Population
9 2160 Miscreant 6200 +2 Tiles
10 2700 Evil-Doer 8900

+1 Dungeon Slot Unlocked
Able to join Alliances

11 3200 Evil-Doer 12100 +2 Tiles
12 3960 Evil-Doer 16060 +1 Outgoing Attacks
13 4680 Evil-Doer 20740 +1 Increase to Dungeon Population
14 5460 Evil-Doer 26200 Alliance Creation
15 6300 Evil-Doer 32500 Dungeon Reinforcement
16 7200 Evil-Doer 39700 Creature Reviving
17 8160 Evil-Doer 47860 +1 Repeatable Raids
29  ??  ??  ?? Able to Transfer Creatures between your own Dungeons
34  ??  ??  ?? Gain Access to Collect All Resource Button

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