Frenzy is the Death Knight's special ability. Once activated, Frenzy allows the Death Knight to gain a +10% Damage and +10% Attack Power stacking buff from every enemy he kills for the duration of the battle.[1]

Frenzy may represent the first passive combat special. While it appears it must be activated, it remains active through the battle.

Data Edit

  • Damage Buff: 0.1
  • Attack Power Buff: 0.1

Note that the Death Knight's ability is not listed in the Abilities.xml, but rather in the Creatures.xml. The data in this section is a "best-guess" of the following XML tag:

<KILL_CALLBACK>BloodlustKillCallback .1 .1 BloodLust</KILL_CALLBACK>

References Edit

  1. "Update Notes 04.28.11" - topic from official Dungeon Overlord forums.

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