Special Abilities Mining
Resource collection
Resource delivery
Spawn Time Special
Technology None
Room None
Furniture None
Training n/a

A goblin is a player's ever-loyal, mindless servant. It is the "worker bee" of the game. It does everything from mining resources to collecting the books of knowledge dropped from the revered warlocks and transferring resources between dungeons.

Obtaining additional goblins Edit

  • Research Minion Binding (for 1 extra goblin in each dungeon)
  • Upgrade the Den to level 3 (for 1 extra goblin)
  • Upgrade the Vault to level 3 (for 1 extra goblin) or 4 (for 2 additional goblins [3 total]) or 5 (for a final 2 goblins [5 total])
  • Buy the Extra Goblins pack in the shop (using real money) for 3 additional goblins
  • Rent 1 goblin for 7 days at a time (also using real money)

The current maximum possible number of goblins per dungeon is 14 (or 10 without the Extra Goblins pack).

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