A Guard Post increases the damage and Awareness range of all Creatures while defending a player's Dungeon. It is also the home of Dark Elves.

  • Tile Cost: 200 Gold
  • Per Tile Bonus: +1% All Creatures Damage
Level Upgrade Requirements Upgrade Time Benefits Accumulated Benefits
Level 1 N/A N/A none  none
Level 2

100 Gold

100 Iron

100 Primordial Earth

20 minutes
Level 3

1 000 Gold

10 Steel Ingot

1 500 Primordial Earth

4 hours
Level 4

10 000 Gold

30 Steel Ingot

5 000 Primordial Earth

200 Dense Basalt

20 Ashen Stone

6 hours
Level 5

50 000 Gold

70 Steel Ingot

10 000 Primordial Earth

900 Dense Basalt

60 Ashen Stone

12 hours

Benefits of increasing level replace the previous level and stack with the bonus from tiles.

Requirements Edit

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