Heart of the Earth

Room Mine
Technology Elements From The Earth's Core
Base Mining Time 0.060/hour with 1 Goblin
Black Market Cost 30 000

Heart of the Earth is a rare gemstone and a mined resource. It is required to construct the Dragon's Lair room, a couple of items of Furniture, and as upkeep for the yet to be implemented dragons.

Stored Within: Storage Room

Uses Edit

Furniture Edit

Item Heart of the Earth Required
Phylactery 20
Pit of Despair 100
Prophesy Globe
Resonance Stone

Other Uses Edit

Dragon's Lair 0, 0, 10, 300, 1200
Creature Upkeep
Black Dragon 1, ?, ?, ?, ?
Blue Dragon 1, ?, ?, ?, ?
Chromatic Dragon 2, ?, ?, ?, ?
Red Dragon 1, ?, ?, ?, ?

Related Technology Edit

Elements From The Earth's Core - Enables Mining
Jeweler's Efficiency - +25% Mining Rate
Advanced Jeweler's Efficiency - +25% Mining Rate

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