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The Heart of the Mountain, also shortened to HotM, was implemented with the Lord of the Mountain patch on the 4. August 2011.[1]

The basics Edit

Every mountain possesses a HotM at the 10th dungeon place. The HotM is a normal dungeon with 4 entrances, a bigger amount of vault tiles than the normal dungeon and additional 500% storage room. It can be occupied like other normal dungeons, if it has not been claimed yet. Claiming the HotM crowns a player to be the Lord of the Mountain which enables them to tax loyal players in the mountain as well as giving them the ability to level up the upgrades for the mountain. A free HotM can be claimed like a normal dungeon after the Lord of the Mountain-Research has been obtained.

Loyalty and the tax system Edit

The Lord of the Mountain, also shortened to LotM, is able to tax dungeons from players which are loyal to him in the claimed mountain.

The tax rate is set up by the LotM and it can fluctuate between 0% and 30%. When loyal players pick up their resources they get automatically taxed. The taxes are stored in the silver chest in the HotM until the LotM picks the chest up. Only picked up resources are taxed, traded or raided resources don't get taxed.

Being loyal to the LotM allows players to benefit from the upgrades from the HotM. Loyalty can be declared immediately, the withdrawing on the other hand takes 24 hours. Loyal players can be marked as an enemy from the LotM. They don't have to pay anymore taxes but they can't benefit from the HotM upgrades, and they can't declare loyalty as long as they are still marked. Players loyal within the same mountain can't attack each other.

The Mountain Upgrades Edit

Every HotM has between 1 and 5 different upgrades which it can offer to the mountain inhabitants. The upgrades can be divided, accordingly to their leveling costs, into 3 classes. Upgrades have different random maximum levels, between 5 and 40. The upgrades start at the level 0 with no benefits for the inhabitants and can be leveled up only by the LotM. Upgrades are instantaneous, however further upgrades are delayed until the Upgrade Lockout timer completes. Every player can look at the Mountain Upgrades by only looking into a mountain, no scouting is needed. If the HotM is conquered by another player 50% of the upgrades level will be lost and will have to be leveled again. On giving up the HotM all upgraded levels will be lost.

The three cost classes are Common, Uncommon, and Rare.[2] Uncommon upgrades cost twice as much as the Common upgrades, while the Rare upgrades cost five times as much.

Upgrade Costs Edit

Upgrade Level
Common Uncommon Rare
1 through 5 14000 Crystal

25000 Gold

25000 Iron

20000 Leather

8000 Primordial Earth

8000 Primordial Fire

8000 Primordial Ice

8000 Primordial Water

28000 Crystal

50000 Gold

50000 Iron

40000 Leather

16000 Primordial Earth

16000 Primordial Fire

16000 Primordial Ice

16000 Primordial Water

70000 Crystal

125000 Gold

125000 Iron

100000 Leather

40000 Primordial Earth

40000 Primordial Fire

40000 Primordial Ice

40000 Primordial Water

Upgrade Lockout 12 hours 24 hours 60 hours
6 through 10 2000 Moonstone

2000 Ruby

1200 Deep Ochre

1200 Dense Basalt

1600 Quicksilver

4000 Moonstone

4000 Ruby

2400 Deep Ochre

2400 Dense Basalt

3200 Quicksilver

10000 Moonstone

10000 Ruby

6000 Deep Ochre

6000 Dense Basalt

8000 Quicksilver

Upgrade Lockout 24 hours 48 hours 120 hours
11 through 20 1000 Diamond

400 Feldspar

400 Shallow Mantle

1800 Mithril Ore

2000 Diamond

800 Feldspar

800 Shallow Mantle

3600 Mithril Ore

5000 Diamond

2000 Feldspar

2000 Shallow Mantle

9000 Mithril Ore

Upgrade Lockout 48 hours 96 hours 240 hours
21 through 30 200 Abyssal Mantle

1000 Adamantite Ore

400 Abyssal Mantle

2000 Adamantite Ore

1000 Abyssal Mantle

5000 Adamantite Ore

Upgrade Lockout 48 hours 96 hours 240 hours
31 through 40 100 Heart of the Earth 200 Heart of the Earth 500 Heart of the Earth
Upgrade Lockout 96 hours 192 hours 480 hours

List of All Mountain Upgrades Edit

Icon Name Bonus Class
Command chamber demon.png Command Chamber: Demon +2% Decrease Demon Training Cost Rare
Command chamber humanoid.png Command Chamber: Humanoid +2% Decrease Humanoid Training Cost Rare
Command chamber undead.png Command Chamber: Undead +2% Decrease Undead Training Cost Rare
Controlling stone.png Controlling Stone Increase Experience 0.25 per Pay Day Common
Deceptive stone.png Deceptive Stone +10% Bonus to Stealth Uncommon
Enslavement crucible.png Enslavement Crucible +2% Reduction to Pay Day costs Rare
Fertile soil.png Fertile Soil +5% Food Generation Common
Fortitude chamber demon.png Fortified Chamber: Demon +5% to Health of Demon Uncommon
Fortitude chamber humanoid.png Fortitude Chamber: Humanoid +5% to Health of Humanoid Uncommon
Fortitude chamber undead.png Fortitude Chamber: Undead +5% to Health of Undead Uncommon
Fortified passages demon.png Fortified Passages: Demon +10% Demon Damage Common
Fortified passages humaoid.png Fortified Passages: Humanoid +10% Human Damage Common
Fortified passages undead.png Fortified Passages: Undead +10% Undead Damage Common
Frenzied pillagers.png Frenzied Pillagers +5% Pillage Rate of Creatures Uncommon
Gemstone quarries.png Gemstone Quarries +5% Mining Rate of Gemstones Uncommon
Giant mining nodes.png Giant Mining Nodes Additional Goblin Miner 0.2 per node Uncommon
Goblin village.png Goblin Village Population Benefit: +1 Goblin every 5 Mountain Bonus Levels Rare
Hardened furniture.png Hardened Furniture +20% Furniture Resistant to Pillaging Common
Hardened walls.png Hardened Walls +20% Rooms Resistant to Pillaging Common
Heavy ore veins.png Heavy Ore Veins +5% Mining Rate of Ores Uncommon
Hidden traps.png Hidden Traps +10% Increase to Trap Difficulty Common
Incocspicious mountain.png Inconspicuous Mountain +5% Reduction to Hate Accrual Common
Infernal archives.png Infernal Archives Research Workers: .5 Maximum Worker Bonus Rare
Ironrich water.png Ironrich Water +5% Increase to Creature Carry Capacity Common
Lethal traps.png Lethal Traps +10% Damage of Traps Common
Magic affinity.png Magic Affinity +5% Increase Creatures Special Ability Uncommon
Mending aura.png Mending Aura +10% Rate of Healing Common
Mountain forge.png Mountain Forge +10% Increase to Crafting Speed Common
Mountain stonebinding.png Mountain Stonebinding +3 Extra Tiles per rank Rare
Plentiful crystal.png Plentiful Crystal +5% Crystal Mining Rate Common
Plentiful gold.png Plentiful Gold +5% Gold Mining Rate Common
Plentiful iron.png Plentiful Iron +5% Iron Mining Rate Common
Pliable stone.png Pliable Stone +10% Room Upgrade Speed Common
Quicksilver blessing.png Quicksilver Blessing +5% Increase Speed for All Creatures Rare
Rally nexus.png Rally Nexus +5% Increase Damage for Humanoids Rare
Rally point demon.png Rally Point: Demon +5% Increase Damage for Demon Uncommon
Rally point humanoid.png Rally Point: Humanoid +5% Increase Damage for Humanoid Uncommon
Rally point undead.png Rally Point: Undead +5% Increase Damage for Undead Uncommon
Rich elements.png Rich Elements +5% Primal Mining Rate Uncommon
Scavenger hideaways.png Scavenger Hideaways +5% Amount of Loot from Raiding Common
Secret nooks.png Secret Nooks +20% Safe Storage Common
Seeing stone.png Seeing Stone +10% Bonus to stealth detection Common
Spacious rooms.png Spacious Rooms +10% to all storage Common
Stable ground.png Stable ground +10% to stack size Common
Training affinity.png Training Affinity +10% to all training speed Common
Underworld motivation.png Underworld Motivation +5% Movement Speed for Surveying Uncommon
Unnatural binding force.png Unnatural Binding Force Population Increase: 0.5 Creatures Uncommon
Well traveled roads.png Well Traveled Roads +5% Movement Speed for Settlement Raids Common
Wonderous caverns.png Wonderous Caverns +5% Faster Research Generation Rare

Sources Edit

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