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This page is a list of current bugs that have been reported on the forums. For information on previous bugs that have been fixed, check the Bug Fixes section of the Version pages.

Issues Edit

Confirmed Edit

These bugs have been confirmed by the developers, and are currently awaiting a fix.

  • Some traps don't reveal thieves when triggered.
  • Shocking creatures can cause some client lag.
  • It seems that goblins (and maybe attacking units) timers shown on the task menu preview is lower then the real time appearing after you send the unit to its task.
  • A heavy memory leak makes the game consume lot of memory when played for some time. Reloading can temporarily fix this issue.
  • Prison functionality is not implemented yet.
  • Dragon's Lair is not in game yet.
  • Portal Room gives only a partial bonus [1].
  • Mountain Heart conquering has not been enabled yet.
  • Inbox messages sorting by date sorts alphabetically instead of following the numeric days order [2]
  • Runic Dining Table thieves spawning speed bonus doesn't stack [3].
  • Traveling speed preview for goblins and armies is incoherent and is usually different from the real traveling time.

Unconfirmed Edit

These bugs have been reported by multiple players, but have not yet received response from a developer for clarification. Some of them may be actual bugs, some may be false, and some may be an intentional feature.

  • If a bed (or similar furniture, such as a Guard House) is moved via the Move Furniture option, the associated creature will not be able to find it, and will complain about having nowhere to sleep. This can be fixed by either picking the bed up (via the Pick Up Furniture option) and then placing it down again, or by simply reloading the dungeon.
  • Fire traps activate from a 3 tile distance instead on when someone walks on it.
  • Swift Pillage Party tech doesn't work [4]
  • Goblin survey missions can't be canceled [5]
  • Pillage can't be used if the attack is launched from the starter dungeon.
  • Spawning creatures seems to cost a double payday [6]
  • Timing of remote mining when using more then one goblin is too high
  • Canceling raid attack series causes units to instantly teleport to their base allowing for an another attack right away.[7] The resources looted in that raid will arrive when the "ghost" creatures return to your base, as the "returning from raid" event does not disappear when the creatures instantly return.
  • Overlord's Influence doesn't work [8]
  • The actual leveling curve is possibly exponential making medium and high levels virtually unreachable [9]
  • In-game message system sometimes uses EN-US keyboard ignoring the real user keyboard layout (chrome?)

Working as intended Edit

These are not actually bugs, and function as intended.

  • Enemy dungeons can't be conquered. This feature has not yet been implemented.
  • Pillage can't be used against another starter dungeon. (need link reference to the forum)

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