Name User Recipe name Cost Required room Reguired item Materials
OverlordsVizier ArchFiend OverlordsVizier N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
TridentOfTheForsaken ArchFiend TridentOfTheForsaken N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
TridentOfJudgement ArchFiend TridentOfJudgement N/A Forge TitansAnvil
DiabloCrown ArchFiend DiabloCrown N/A Forge TitansAnvil
CrestOfPunishment ArchFiend CrestOfPunishment N/A N/A N/A
OverlordsSealOfTheUnderworld ArchFiend OverlordsSealOfTheUnderworld N/A Forge TitansAnvil
PerditionsInfernalWarfork ArchFiend PerditionsInfernalWarfork N/A Forge TitansAnvil
MoltenScimitar Balrog MoltenScimitar N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
TaskmastersWhip Balrog TaskmastersWhip N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
FlametongueGreaves Balrog FlametongueGreaves N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
HellforgedScimitar Balrog HellforgedScimitar N/A Forge TitansAnvil
WarswordOfTheAbyss Balrog WarswordOfTheAbyss N/A Forge TitansAnvil
ScourgeOfTheAbyss Balrog ScourgeOfTheAbyss N/A Forge TitansAnvil
GreavesOfTheAbyss Balrog GreavesOfTheAbyss N/A Forge TitansAnvil
SilksteelNet Dark Elf SilksteelNet N/A Workshop DraftingTable
BarbedSilksteelNet Dark Elf BarbedSilksteelNet N/A Workshop TinkersDraftingTable
ElvishBoots Dark Elf ElvishBoots N/A Workshop TinkersDraftingTable
SerratedArrows Dark Elf SerratedArrows N/A Workshop TinkersDraftingTable
ArrowsOfDragonSlaying Dark Elf ArrowsOfDragonSlaying N/A Workshop AnimistsDraftingTable
BroochOfHealing Dark Priestess BroochOfHealing N/A AlchemistLab None
BroochOfTheDead Dark Priestess BroochOfTheDead N/A AlchemistLab None
BrimstonePendant Dark Priestess BrimstonePendant N/A AlchemistLab None
CloakOfRestoration Dark Priestess CloakOfRestoration N/A Workshop TinkersDraftingTable
CloakOfTheUnderworld Dark Priestess CloakOfTheUnderworld N/A Workshop AnimistsDraftingTable
DarkIronBlade DeathKnight DarkIronBlade N/A Forge Anvil
DarkMithrilBlade DeathKnight DarkMithrilBlade N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
HelmOfObedience DeathKnight HelmOfObedience N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
HatefulBindings DeathKnight HatefulBindings N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
SwordOfManevolence DeathKnight SwordOfManevolence N/A Forge TitansAnvil
TyrantsArmor DeathKnight TyrantsArmor N/A Forge TitansAnvil
GraveyardLantern Ghost GraveyardLantern N/A Workshop DraftingTable
DeathsVestment Ghost DeathsVestment N/A Workshop TinkersDraftingTable
DeathsLantern Ghost DeathsLantern N/A Workshop TinkersDraftingTable
BeaconOfDespair Ghost BeaconOfDespair N/A Workshop AnimistsDraftingTable
IronPickaxe Goblin IronPickaxe 100 Forge Anvil 400 Iron
SteelPickaxe Goblin SteelPickaxe 100 Forge Anvil 10 Steel Ingot
ExcavatorsShovel Goblin ExcavatorsShovel 100 Forge Anvil
ElementalTrowl Goblin ElementalTrowl 100 Forge Anvil 300 Crystite , 250 Deep Ochre
JewelersHammer Goblin JewelersHammer 100 Forge Anvil 50 Cold Iron Ingot , 150 Crystite , 250 Diamond
SmithsHammer Goblin SmithsHammer 100 Forge Anvil 20 Cold Iron Ingot , 50 Reinforced Leather
MasterSmithsHammer Goblin MasterSmithsHammer 100 Forge Anvil 200 Dense Basalt , 40 Cold Iron Ingot , 100 Reinforced Leather
RocketBoots Goblin RocketBoots 100 Forge Anvil 10 Explosive Grog , 10 Whirling Gizmos , 50 Reinforced Leather
DistractingTrinket Imp DistractingTrinket N/A Workshop DraftingTable
DistractingGizmo Imp DistractingGizmo N/A Workshop TinkersDraftingTable
FrozenSceptre Lich FrozenSceptre N/A Forge Anvil
DiamondTalisman Lich DiamondTalisman N/A Workshop DraftingTable
CrownOfAffinity Lich CrownOfAffinity N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
StaffOfTheUndead Lich StaffOfTheUndead N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
MirrorDiadem Lich MirrorDiadem N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
UndyingRunestaff Lich UndyingRunestaff N/A AlchemistLab None
SceptreOfTheArcane Lich SceptreOfTheArcane N/A Forge TitansAnvil
IronAxe Ogre IronAxe N/A Forge Anvil
DenseIronAxe Ogre DenseIronAxe N/A Forge Anvil
ReinforcedHide Ogre ReinforcedHide N/A Forge Anvil
SteelReinforcedHide Ogre SteelReinforcedHide N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
OgreStompers Ogre OgreStompers N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
SavageMithrilAxe Ogre SavageMithrilAxe N/A Forge TitansAnvil
DeepEarthStompers Ogre DeepEarthStompers N/A Forge TitansAnvil
IronHammer Orc IronHammer N/A Forge Anvil 500 Iron
SteelHammer Orc SteelHammer N/A Forge Anvil 20 Steel Ingot
HeavyIronHammer Orc HeavyIronHammer N/A Forge Anvil 5000 Iron
DenseIronHammer Orc DenseIronHammer N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil 20 Dense Iron Ingot
CommandersHammer Orc CommandersHammer N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil 30 Cold Iron Ingot
CommandersShield Orc CommandersShield N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil 50 Cold Iron Ingot
ManaBarbedWhip Succubus ManaBarbedWhip N/A Forge Anvil
SerratedMithrilWhip Succubus SerratedMithrilWhip N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
MistresssReinforcedLeather Succubus MistresssReinforcedLeather N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
MistresssUnderworldArmor Succubus MistresssUnderworldArmor N/A Forge TitansAnvil
HellsHeart Succubus HellsHeart N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
DarkHeartOfTheEarth Succubus DarkHeartOfTheEarth N/A Forge TitansAnvil
LockpickingTools Thief LockpickingTools N/A Workshop DraftingTable
MithrilLockpickingTools Thief MithrilLockpickingTools N/A Workshop AnimistsDraftingTable
EarthenCloak Thief EarthenCloak N/A Workshop TinkersDraftingTable
FeldsparSpear Thief FeldsparSpear N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
ThrowingDagger Thief ThrowingDagger N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
TrueflightThrowingDagger Thief TrueflightThrowingDagger N/A Forge TitansAnvil
DeepOchrefangs Vampire DeepOchrefangs N/A AlchemistLab None
BloodstoneBracers Vampire BloodstoneBracers N/A Forge Anvil
NetherFangs Vampire NetherFangs N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
MithrilMail Vampire MithrilMail N/A Forge DwarvenAnvil
CrimsonMail Vampire CrimsonMail N/A Forge TitansAnvil
ClawsOfAnguish Vampire ClawsOfAnguish N/A Forge TitansAnvil
CrystiteStaff Warlock CrystiteStaff N/A AlchemistLab None 30 Crystite
MoonstoneStaff Warlock MoonstoneStaff N/A AlchemistLab None 250 Moonstone , 40 Crystite
RubyStaff Warlock RubyStaff N/A AlchemistLab None 250 Ruby , 50 Crystite
TempestStaff Warlock TempestStaff N/A AlchemistLab None 100 Crystite , 50 Feldspar , 30 True Silver Ingot , 50 Shallow Mantle
PrismaticAmulet Warlock PrismaticAmulet N/A AlchemistLab None 50 Diamond , 20 Prismatic Glass , 20 Crystite
VeilOfAffliction Wraith VeilOfAffliction N/A Workshop DraftingTable
WretchedRaiment Wraith WretchedRaiment N/A Workshop TinkersDraftingTable
CloakOfMalaise Wraith CloakOfMalaise N/A Workshop AnimistsDraftingTable
CloakOfEnervation Wraith CloakOfEnervation N/A Workshop AnimistsDraftingTable

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