Maximum Storage in Dungeon Overlord refers to the maximum number of each resources you can keep in your dungeon. If you attempt to collect or recieve a shipment of a resource when you have already reached the maximum available storage for that resource, the collection will not occur and the shipment will be returned to the sender. If your dungeon can store a portion of the stack you're collecting or the shipment you're recieving, the excess will stay on the stack or be returned to the sender.

  • The Vault automatically grants a maximum storage of 1000 units per resource. Storage rooms will first add the "+ maximum storage available" to this initial 1000, and then that number is multiplied by 100% + (the maximum storage bonus % of the room) in order to find the total available storage.
    • In formula terms, where "+ maximum storage" for the room is MSA and "storage bonus %" for the room is MSP, total storage capacity will be: ( 1000 + MSA ) * ( 1 + ( MSP * 0.01 ) )

Applications Edit

  • Early on in the game, the percentage bonuses are far more significant than the additive bonuses, because the percentage bonuses will factor in that initial 1000 storage provided by the Vault. Later on in the game, however, your storage rooms will have enough percentage bonuses to see incredible storage increases when you upgrade them to Level 5, as the huge +maximum storage available from the upgrade is inflated even more by the existing storage bonus %.
  • In practical terms, the best way to increase Storage early on is to get enough tiles to upgrade the various storage rooms to level 3, and then place storage bonus % furniture items on those tiles if you need more storage capacity. If you need more storage than those will provide, place more tiles and avoid crafting more furniture items unless tiles are more important or you're swimming in resources. Once you upgrade a storage room, you will be able to remove most extra tiles and lose minimal storage capacity.
  • It is generally unwise to prioritize Safe Storage in your Main Dungeon early in the game. While it will protect your resources from raids, your biggest issue when you play properly is storage capacity rather than safe storage. You can keep your resources safe from incoming raids by crafting them and sending the remainder to your other dungeons when a raid is incoming; if you will be sleeping or otherwise away from the computer for a longer period of time, send all of your crafted and expensive resources to another dungeon for safekeeping. When the raid has finished, you can cancel the crafting if you wish and go back to accumulating and spending resources.

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