Special Abilities "Tank" combat unit
Spawn Time 2:00:00
Technology Greater Minion Binding
Room Den, Level 4
Furniture Ogre Hammock
Training Proving Ground 1-99
Arena 100+

The ogre is the first "tank" creature that you will have access to in Dungeon Overlord. He has the ability to force nearby creatures to attack him instead of your dark elves and warlocks, he is one of the few creatures who can Pillage, and he has comparatively massive HP. This is offset by the slowest overland speed in the game, an incredibly high food consumption rate, a terribly low healing rate, and the steep leveling cost in Primordial Earth.

Advantages Disadvantages
Earliest tank unit available Unwieldy costs for when he becomes available
Can take ridiculous amounts of damage Has very poor DPS/cost if he has to move
Extremely useful for tanking Tier-3 Settlements Can take days to heal without a priestess
Huge HP and damage gain per level Insane jump in food upkeep between L1 and L10
Is one of the very few creatures who can Pillage Is the definition of "slow" in Dungeon Overlord

Stats gained per levelEdit

  • 500 Health
  • 18 Damage
  • 80 Carry
  • 25 Pillage

Spawn InfoEdit

This is the chance of the creature spawning in a room when defending against an attack. The values are relative to each other.

Usage Edit

Because of the nature of battles between large numbers of creatures in Dungeon Overlord, the Ogre is the only way to ensure that your "glass cannon" DPS units stay alive in large battles. Tank is not always reliable, but it will draw all melee creatures except for thieves, which saves your ranged units from their biggest nemesis. Because of this, at least one ogre will be instrumental in any army-based Dungeon defense, and an attack on a Tier-3 Settlement is made much safer with the addition of an ogre. Ogres are only used to raid when necessary, however, because the travel time is almost never worth the reward at the end. You also need to include a dark priestess in the raid, because the Ogre's HP gain will very quickly dwarf its base healing rate.

Because ogres have such a high upkeep cost, they should not be spawned and leveled on a whim. Ogres should be spawned and leveled only if they fulfill critical tanking roles, or if you are starting a dedicated pillage dungeon.

Stage Health Attack Defense Damage Speed Healing Rate Carry Pillage Range Traveling Per Square Upkeep Training Cost
Initial 2500 120 10 90 1 600 400 125 1:00:00 24 Food, 5 Gold 300 Gold, 300 Food, 2 Reinforced Leather, 5 Steel Ingot
At Level 10 7000 120 10 252 1 600 1120 350 1:00:00 60 Food, 12 Gold 400 Gold, 500 Food, 5 Reinforced Leather, 7 Steel Ingot
At Level 20 12000 120 10 432 1 600 1920 600 1:00:00 Visit creatures' training cost tables
At Level 30 17000 120 10 612 1 600 2720 850 1:00:00 140 Food, 28 Gold 600 Gold, 1 Dense Iron Ingot, 12 Reinforced Leather, 1000 Food
At Level 40 22000 120 10 792 1 600 3520 1100 1:00:00
At Level 50 27000 120 10 972 1 600 4320 1350 1:00:00
At Level 100 52000 120 10 1872 1 600 8320 2600 1:00:00

Damage Type and Resistances Edit

Damage Type: Physical

Physical Magical Fire Cold Electrical Poison Disease








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