Special Abilities Research
Spawn Time 0:15:00
Technology None
Room Den, Level 1
Furniture Warlock Bed
Training Proving Ground 1-99
Spellcasting Chamber 100+

  • Warlock level DOES affect research rate on the Live Severs
    • Refer to the Library article for a list of what will and will not increase the research rate of warlocks

A warlock is a researcher and ranged unit in Dungeon Overlord. Warlocks record their research in books, scrolls and globes, which are then picked up from Library tiles. The warlock is the most important creature in Dungeon Overlord, as it is the only creature who can accumulate research, which is critical to advancing quickly in the game.

A creature slot not used by a warlock should be seen as wasted research unless you cannot spare the tiles for a bigger library, so non-warlock creatures should generally only be used if they provide benefits that justify this opportunity cost, such as effective raiding, stealth detection, or critical dungeon defense. There is an exception to this for obsessive min-maxing players: you could theoretically shock your warlocks on a rotating pattern to have a constant increase the effective number of warlocks in your Dungeon. You would need to plan out the exact numbers, then you would need to sign in the minute that the efficiency starts to drop and shock the next set of warlocks, and you would need to do this perfectly multiple times a day, including when you should be sleeping.

Advantages Disadvantages
Available from the start Should only fight when necessary
Incredible ranged DPS Middling range
Very powerful in groups Will die if attacked by almost anything
Good damage scale per level Level does not affect research rate
N/A Shares the lowest non-tank speed in the game

Spawn InfoEdit

This is the chance of the creature spawning in a room when defending against an attack. The values are relative to each other.

Stage Health Attack Defense Damage Speed Healing Carry Pillage Range Travel Upkeep Training Cost
Initial 200 120 10 70 2 50 50 0 projectile 0:30:00 8 Gold 5 Food 300 Gold 200 Crystal 50 food
At Level 10 560 120 10 196 2 50 140 0 projectile 0:30:00 21 Gold 12 Food 400 Gold 300 Crystal 100 food
At Level 20 960 120 10 336 2 50 240 0 projectile 0:30:00 35 Gold 20 Food 500 Gold 400 Crystal 150 food
At Level 30 1360 120 10 476 2 50 340 0 projectile 0:30:00 49 Gold 28 Food 600 Gold 500 Crystal 200 food 200 Primordial Water
At Level 40 1760 120 10 616 2 50 440 0 projectile 0:30:00 63 Gold 36 Food 700 Gold 650 Crystal 250 food 300 Primordial Water
At Level 50 2160 120 10 756 2 50 540 0 projectile 0:30:00 Visit creatures' training cost tables
At Level 100 4160 120 10 1456 2 50 1040 0 projectile 0:30:00

Stats gained per levelEdit

  • 40 Health
  • 14 Damage
  • 10 Carry

Researching with Warlocks Edit

Many players fill their first two expansion Dungeons with just warlocks in order to gain as much research/hour as possible, and place large numbers of bookcases in one and eventually both libraries to maximize the research yield per warlock.

Each upgrade to the Library will allow for more warlocks to accumulate research at a time. In addition, an extra warlock can research for every 4 library tiles placed. This can be seen in the room bonus labeled "Maximum Worker Bonus:". The number there denotes the maximum number of warlocks that can research in that Dungeon. More information on Libraries and research can be found in their respective pages on the Wiki.

Damage Type and Resistances Edit

Damage Type: Disease

Physical Magical Fire Cold Electrical Poison Disease








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