Alliances Edit

•Alliance Tags (your alliance affiliation is visible by all)
•Means to easily locate fellow members on the Overworld
•Group mailing / messaging
•Permission ranks (assign officer, leadership roles)
•Alliance activity reports (see battle reports / important activities of member)
•Diplomacy (declare war, form non-aggression pacts with other alliances)

Mountain King Edit

The center of the mountain has currently been left open. This is reserved for the King. With sufficient technology, you can battle for control of this spot.

The King can collect resource taxes from those dungeons who have declared their loyalty. Why would you declare loyalty? Every mountain is seeded with random bonuses (ranging from common to rare) which can be upgraded. Only those loyal to the King can receive them.

A mountain can have from one to several potential upgrades. The exact list of potential upgrades is still up for design but they range from bonuses to resource production, to extra creatures, to extra movement speed. Like dungeon resource spawns, some mountains will be nothing special, while others will be quite powerful.

Upgrades cost resources and the King is in control of buying them (hopefully using the taxes for this). Upgrading the mountain helps solidify the King’s position since anytime the Kingship changes hands, some of the upgrades are lost (which could be quite expensive at higher levels).

Transferring / Reinforcing Edit

Transferring is changing your creature’s home dungeon to another that you control. You trained up your Level 50 Orc in one dungeon and want to move him closer to your enemy? That’s what transferring is for. The new dungeon must still meet any bed requirements (you’ll need that level 4 Den in dungeon #2 to transfer your Ogre there) as well as population limits.

Reinforcing is temporarily moving creatures to another dungeon for the purpose of defense. The benefits are that the dungeon being reinforced can exceed normal population limits and do not require beds (bed requirements and population limits still come from the originating dungeon). Also, the reinforcing creatures do not have to be your own. This way your friends and alliance mates can send you defenders to help stop an enemy. The disadvantage is that you have no control over reinforcing creatures besides sending them back home.

Notes & Quotes Edit

Regarding the Lord of the Mountain Patch Edit

Pellets: "We hope to make the Lord of the Mountain content available before the game is out of Beta. No official timeline has been announced for this yet. Once a public time frame is set, we will post that information on the forums." [1]

Regarding the Implementation of Conquest Edit

Pellets: "Conquering will be implemented with the Lord of the Mountain features. There are no plans to have this Open Beta tested at this time." [2]

Regarding Future Updates and the Beta Server Edit

Pellets: "The Beta server will continue to get content updates as long as we feel they will not be too disruptive to the current game. If we make specific design changes or add new content that could be too disruptive to the existing game play, those updates will only happen on new servers." [3]

Pellets is the Dungeon Overlord Community Representative.

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