A prison is the spawning point for the Succubus and Death Knight unit. To create a prison, a player needs a Level 4 Guard Post, and Inescapable Confinement, a 28,000 point Dungeon Mastery technology.

Level Upgrade Requirements Upgrade Time Benefits Accumulated Benefits
Level 1 N/A N/A none none
Level 2

1 000 Gold

1 Dense Iron Ingot

20 minutes none none
Level 3

12 000 Gold

10 Dense Iron Ingot

200 Dense Basalt

200 Deep Ochre

6 hours none none
Level 4

48 000 Gold

30 Dense Iron Ingot

900 Dense Basalt

900 Deep Ochre

12 hours none none
Level 5

96 000 Gold

60 Dense Iron Ingot

4 000 Dense Basalt

4 000 Deep Ochre

24 hours
  • +100% Experience Production Rate
  • +100% Experience Production Rate

Benefits of increasing level replace the previous level and stack with the bonus from tiles.

Requirements Edit

Appearance Edit


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