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This was the first update.


Official post

New FeaturesEdit

  • Hate will now only display on Elven Settlements that are capable of retaliating
  • The Hate display on settlements will now list both the amount of Hate and the percent chance of reprisal
  • Two quests have been added
  • The Goblin Guide will now have more tips to share
  • Many actions in-game have been optimized to improve game speed and load times
  • Mining Expeditions can now be cancelled, and the Goblins will return with however many resources they have already mined
  • Ogres will be more alert to enemies and faster to respond to threats

Bug FixesEdit

  • Cancelling while Gifting Gold will no longer count toward players' daily gifting limit, and the ungifted gold will be returned
  • Players will no longer be able to disconnect entrances from their Vault
  • Tutorial text has been clarified in several places
  • Goblins should no longer get caught in an infinite spawning loop
  • Cancelling a downgrade will no longer leave a yellow construction tile behind
  • Recently deceased creatures should no longer appear in the raid planning screen
  • Players should no longer get stuck while trying to access the game. If the game does not connect, it will display a Connection Lost message and refresh the page
  • Players can now complete the Vengeance (tutorial) quest chain if they attacked their Nemesis from a dungeon that was not their Starter Dungeon
  • Training costs will now display correctly
  • Raid Planning will no longer ignore Delays
  • Players that were unable to access the game because their names started with unexpected characters should now be able to play

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