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New FeaturesEdit

  • Non-military settlements will now show which military structures are defending them when players select their hate table from the settlement panel.
  • Level 5 (max level) rooms will now display a message that the room is at max level in the requirements box.
  • Rooms with no benefits will now display a message about not having any benefits in the benefits box. (For example, a level 1 room with no tile benefits.)
  • Added forward and back buttons to browse the rooms on the room panel.
  • Alphabetized the room list on the room panel.
  • Market purchases can now be cancelled from the Overworld Events report.
  • Lowered the drawbridge! Fortresses that were unable to launch attacks previously can now go forth and pillage. Their potential attack power has been reduced until their hate values settle out.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Marketplace sales will now correctly update the seller's total gold display.
  • Future Marketplace purchase missions will display the correct quantity in their Overworld task details.
  • Battle reports will now display more accurate timestamps.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from making two Market purchases in a row from the Overworld.
  • Safe Storage should now be more safe.

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