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New FeaturesEdit

  • Training costs will now increase every 10th level starting at level 11 instead of at level 10.
  • Players will receive a message from the Goblin Guide confirming that an order has been sent when purchasing from the Market.
  • Upgrade and downgrade buttons on the room panel will now show tooltips with only the difference gained or lost between the current room and upgraded/downgraded room.
  • Players will now be notified when friends visit their dungeons.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Players can now search for Traps for sale on the Market purchase panel.
  • The Finish Upgrade button on the room panel will now say Finish Downgrade when a downgrade is in progress.
  • Times in the craft queue for stacks of items will now correctly display the entire time it takes to craft the stack.
  • Players will no longer incorrectly receive the abandon dungeon button on the starter dungeon.
  • The Training Queue will now correctly display the selected creature's information.
  • Players can now return to their own dungeon after visiting a friend's in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Tiles can no longer be sold if selling them would disconnect the dungeon from an entrance.
  • Removing friends should now work properly.
  • Cancelling training will now always return all resources.
  • Double clicking to view a friend's dungeon will now work correctly.
  • Cancelling gifts will now work, enabling players to deprive their friends of presents when they wish to.
  • Flying creatures will now be able to fly over lava of all types.
  • When clicking a wall post, players will no longer be told they are getting experience. They are and have always been getting gold.
  • Leveling a Warlock from 20 to 30 now requires 400 Crystal instead of Iron.

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