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New FeaturesEdit

  • Switching tabs in the social panel has been improved.
  • Players can now cancel their purchases before goods arrive.
  • Cancelling Marketplace listings will now also cancel all inbound purchase tasks.
  • Inbound purchase tasks will be cancelled when the Marketplace listing sells out.
  • Thieves and rogues who attack a target while invisible will get a 500% bonus to damage on their first attack. This will also take them out of stealth mode so the defending creature can retaliate.
  • Players can no longer activate mining nodes if they are not connected to the rest of their dungeon. Additionally, players cannot sell tiles if doing so would disconnect an active node from the rest of their dungeon.
  • Creatures that require special payday items will now get unhappy if none of that item is available in the dungeon.
  • Past battles will now be sorted correctly.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Players will again be able to click on the bottom 10% of the screen.
  • The dungeon dropdown will no longer disappear after viewing a battle playback or switching dungeons.
  • Station Cash Store purchases will now work from the Overworld.
  • Players can now see what they are mining for in the Overworld activity events.
  • When a Marketplace search finds no items, players will receive a message from the Goblin Guide.
  • Players that have managed to disconnect their vault from any entrances will receive a warning dialog every time they log into or refresh the dungeon. Players will be allowed to sell tiles in affected dungeons.
  • Miner's Efficiency and Advanced Miner's Efficiency will now properly give the 25% gold mining bonus.

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