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New FeaturesEdit

  • Players can now view Village Battle Playbacks.
  • Combat AI has been improved.
  • Technology Boost store art changed from 2x to +. No change to boost itself has been made.
  • Fixed visiting friend's dungeons from the Overworld.
  • The upgrade/downgrade tooltips will no longer show upgrades/downgrades if the change is 0.
  • The Dark Knight now requires Sinister Conversion technology, changed from Unnatural Mending.
  • Mithril Ingots can now be crafted in a Forge Level 4, changed from Forge Level 5.
  • The client will track and display the correct number of mining nodes, and display the correct mining rates for multiple nodes.
  • Mama Slug art for Level 5 Farm has been adjusted for optimal slug beauty.
  • Added a report when creatures leave due to unhappiness.
  • Reformatted survey dialog.
  • Reformatted Market Sale Panel.
  • Warlocks can now be shocked to higher research rates.
  • Reformatted Return button.
  • Training for Creatures text should reflect the level a creature is training to now.
  • Vampires will no longer require the Arena to train up to Level 10.
  • Messaging on loading screen is now more Dungeon oriented.
  • Performance has been improved.
  • Double digit level numbers no longer wrap on the experience point bar.
  • Creature selection panel should now update correctly when shocking creatures.
  • Added the ability to save battles to local hard drives and load for immediate playback.
  • Resource pickups will queue to alleviate server stress.
  • Fixed the link on the maintenance page.
  • The Succubus animation has been upgraded, whip and all, to a new Valentine's Day version.

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