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New FeaturesEdit

  • New Store Items
    • +1 goblin for all dungeons (7 days)
    • +25% leather gathered on settlement raids (7 days)
    • +25% resources gathered from remote mining trips (7 days)
    • +25% more carry ability for goblins (7 days)
    • +1 maximum creature population for a particular dungeon (permanent)
  • Players can now zoom and toggle sound options when watching Battle Playback.
  • Sorting in the mailbox is no longer case sensitive.
  • Goblins should arrive sooner when purchased from the store.
  • Players can now take screenshots of their dungeons.
  • Furniture in the process of being removed will no longer count toward inventory limits.
  • Required room for items in the Forge/Workshop storage should now display properly.
  • Goblin move speed bonuses and carry bonuses should now be correct in the portal room.
  • Thieves now have a base 2% chance of being detected by a detector regardless of level.
  • Creatures will now go on strike instead of leaving the dungeons if its happiness drops below 1 on a Payday. While a creature is on strike, you cannot send them on raids, defend with them, train them, shock them, or have them do any research or other work. To get a creature off strike, you must pay them enough paydays to get their happiness back to 100.
  • A report will be generated when a creature goes on strike.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Quest tracker images should no longer flicker when scrolled.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow near instant travel between regions if mountains were in the same region tile position.
  • Fixed some memory leaks and odd behaviors happening in dungeons after battles.

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