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New FeaturesEdit

  • Limited “Eggcellent” loot drops
  • Limited time "Eggcellent" in-game festivities
  • The Imp’s Special Ability in now active in this update. The target creature must attack the imp, imp takes 25% of normal damage from attacker. target must be within 2x Imp's level.
  • The Wraith’s Special Ability is now active in this update. The Wraith emits an aura where it deals 10% of the wraith's damage per turn to units within 1 tile of the wraith. This ability can affect targets that are up to twice the level of the Wraith.
  • The Balrog’s Special Ability is now active in this update. Melee strikes against Balrog deal 50% of its base damage back to the attacker.
  • Added display of heal amounts from vampire self heal, and other heals to battle playbacks

Bug FixesEdit

  • The mail time column formats should now sort correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Mail was not showing the Date and Time

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