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New FeaturesEdit

  • The Eggcellent Adventure content has been turned off.
  • The Arch Fiend's Special Ability has been implemented - it removes a non-dragon creature from the dungeon for the remainder of the fight. Don't worry, the creature returns after the battle. Other Arch-Fiends are immune and the affect will only apply to creatures that are a level up to twice that of the Arch Fiend.
  • The Death Knight's Special Ability has been implemented - each enemy killed grants the Death Knight +10% Attack Power and +10% Damage for duration of the battle. Ability buffs stack on each kill.
  • Added "Type" data to the creature panel

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed an issue where Resource Rates were not accurate upon loading after a Battle Playback
  • Fixed the storage panel to better show uncollected resource rates
  • Fixed the maximum storage for furniture. Forge and Workshop storage are added together to determine total Storage Room bonus
  • If you had an issue with corrupted battle data, the client will now show an error dialog and let you continue playing
  • Fixed a data error with the crafting bonus granted by the level 4 and 5 Alchemy Lab. This should be 1% per tile (as it is with Workshop / Forge), instead of 10%.

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