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Official post

New FeaturesEdit

  • Increased the cooldown of the Freeze trap in order to prevent cases where creatures become permanently frozen
  • Resistances now apply to creature, ability and trap damages. Resistances are taken off the top of final damage calculation
  • Resistance to Cold will now reduce duration of the Freeze Trap Freeze effect on a given creature
  • Added visibility of boosts that effect certain rooms (like mining boosts) in the rooms tab
  • Fixed an issue where market purchases were not getting portal room bonuses
  • Imp, Death Knight, Arch Fiend, and Balrog special abilities got visual effects art updates
  • The Dungeon Overlord application now requests permission for your email address to access it

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed an issue with Payday calculations that could cause the wrong amounts to be deducted
  • Fixed region to region server travel time calculations so they now use the correct destination region information
  • Fixed an issue on the client where the dungeon panel would calculate transfer times incorrectly. Also, made a minor adjustment to time calculations to more closely match server times

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