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The big Lord of the Mountain update.


Official post

New FeaturesEdit

Lord of the Mountain:

   The center dungeon location in each mountain, which had previously been off limits, can now be occupied by a player with the Lord of the Mountain Technology in the Overlord Mastery branch
   The player who controls the center dungeon of a mountain is the Lord of the Mountain
   The Lord of the Mountain can do the following:
       Tax the collection of resources from loyal dungeons within the mountain (see Loyalty)
           The tax is taken from the player as resources are picked up within the dungeon (resources gotten through raiding / trade are not taxed)
       Target a player within the mountain as an enemy, preventing that player from declaring loyalty
       Initiate upgrades to mountain bonuses

Mountain Bonuses:

   Every mountain is seeded with random bonuses which may be upgraded
   The number of bonuses available to the mountain ranges from 1 to 5
   Bonuses vary from minor (such as a bonus to crafting speed) to powerful (such as an upkeep discount to all creatures)
   All loyal dungeons, (see Loyalty) within the mountain, receive the benefits of the upgrades
   All bonuses start at level 0, (giving no benefit) and each level increases its effectiveness
   The Lord of the Mountain is able to spend resources to upgrade bonuses
   A bonus may be upgraded between 5 and 40 levels, and the level cap is random
   The cost for upgrades becomes increasingly more expensive
   Any player may view a mountain’s upgrades from the Mountain Viewpanel.
       Click on the center dungeon and then click on the Mountain Upgrades icon on the left-side bar.


   A player, who controls one or more dungeons within a mountain, may declare loyalty to the Lord of the Mountain. The declaration of loyalty is applied to all of the player’s dungeons that are located in that mountain
   Loyalty can be declared immediately, but withdrawing it takes 24 hours
   A loyal player receives all the benefits of any mountain upgrades
   Players loyal within the same mountain cannot attack each other
   Loyal players are subject to the mountain tax-rate
   A player who has been marked as enemy of the mountain may not declare loyalty 

Player Profile Page:

   Provides a page to get more information about the player
   Profiles are accessed by clicking on a dungeon in Mountain View


   Alliances are created by clicking on the Create Alliance button on the Alliance tab
   The Creator of the Alliance is the leader and can add and remove members
   An Alliance has a name and abbreviated Tag. The Tag is displayed next to all members’ names
   Alliances have a Profile page that provides additional information about the Alliance

Transferring Creatures:

   Players can move a creature’s home dungeon from one-to-another
       This is done by clicking on the Transfer button within the Creature Manager panel, or by choosing the target Dungeon in Mountain View, and clicking the Transfer button
   The target Dungeon must be able to meet the requirements of housing the creature
       For example, an Ogre would require a Level 4 Den in the new dungeon
   The creature takes its bed, and places it within the new dungeon

Reinforcing Dungeons:

   Players can send a creature to another player’s Dungeon for defense
       This is done by clicking on the Reinforce button within the Creature Manager panel, or by choosing the target Dungeon in Mountain View, and clicking the Reinforce button
   The target Dungeon does not need to have the housing requirements, or resources, for the Payday upkeep of the creature. Paydays will still be the responsibility of the creature’s home dungeon
   Reinforced creatures fight alongside a player’s own creatures when the dungeon is attacked
   The owner of the target dungeon can send the reinforcing creature home, but has no other control over the creature
   The owner of the reinforced creatures must recall them home, before sending them out on other attacks


   At this time, you will only be able to conquer the Heart of the Mountain Dungeon. After testing and refinement on this new system have occurred, we will update the Conquer ability with additional features.
   Conquer cannot be sent from a Starter Dungeon
   Conquer attacks always target the Vault
   Conquering requires a new creature type:  Sapper
       Spawned with the Sapper Confinement furniture, this new furniture piece can be crafted after learning the Conquer Party Technology, and will be placed in a Level 5 Workshop
   A Sapper must be at least level 11 before it can be used in a conquer attack
   In a successful conquer, the control of the dungeon will be reduced by 1%, for every level the attacking Sapper is, greater than 10
       A Level 11 Sapper would reduce by 1%, a Level 12 would reduce by 2%, a Level 20 would reduce by 10%, etc.
   Once the control value of a dungeon reaches 0, the attacker gains possession, with all remaining rooms, furniture, and storage
   The Sapper creature is consumed in taking control of the dungeon
   Control value of the defending dungeon increases by 1%, per level of the Vault, every payday


   Players can assign Facebook friends to act as Taskmasters
   There can be one Friend, per room type, per dungeon
   The friend is given a ranking based on activity
       Ranges from 1 to 5
   Assigning a friend to a room grants bonuses, based on the room. The size of the bonus is dependent on the friend’s rank


   The Friend’s Bar has increased functionality
       Friends can be added, trusted, and appointed as Taskmasters from the Friend’s Bar. Friends will have different appearances based on their roles
       At this time, gifting has been temporarily removed while we evaluate that system
       Additionally, since you can now have both Friends and Trusted Friends, all current Friends were set to normal status and you will need to trust the ones that you want to promote to Trusted Friend via the Trust option on the Friend's Bar
   All existing in-game mail messages have been deleted. Future messages will be saved on player’s accounts for 2 weeks, then removed
       Mail can now be saved locally with the Save to Disk button, within the Mail tab

Bug FixesEdit

  • There are known issues with certain features in Internet Explorer 8 and Safari. These issues are being addressed. Many issues can be avoided by downloading an alternate browser, or updating to a more current version.

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