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Official post

New FeaturesEdit

  • Inactive Players are now identifiable on the Overworld Mountain View by clicking a dungeon, a [i] will appear behind the player's name if they are inactive
  • Players identified as Inactive can now be conquered

Bug FixesEdit

  • True Full Screen is now implemented. Players will be able to see a larger, expanded view, of their Dungeon. This view will not support keyboard usage or Social Functions like Inviting Friends or Wall Posts
  • Taxing will no longer affect the heart. Players who own the Heart of the Mountain may have to reset the taxes for this to take affect
  • Fortified Passages Mountain Upgrades now give a defensive damage bonus to the correct creature classes
  • Raid speed bonuses are now applied to Creature Reinforcement and Transfer
  • The Battle Flag furniture now shows the correct crafting requirements

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