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Official post

New FeaturesEdit

  • Alliance Member Rosters, with greater than 25 members, can now be viewed by pages

Bug FixesEdit

  • Players will no longer run the risk of loosing Gold in a failed Market purchase, if an item no longer exists
  • Spike Trap and Poison Trap Bugs have been fixed. The Spike Trap will now require a Level 2 Workshop, and the Poison Trap will now require an Alchemist Lab
  • Bonus Numbers have been corrected in the descriptions for Forgotten Lore: Artifact Mastery and Overlord's Influence Technology
  • The alignment in Fullscreen has been adjusted for Battle Playback, Creature Training panel, and when entering quantities for items in the Market
  • Players will no longer need to refresh the game in order to complete the Teach a Goblin to Craft quest
  • Fixed an issue allowing for an entrance to be disconnected in the Heart of the Mountain

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