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Publisher comment:

"The transition out of our Beta phase and the release of Multi-Server functionality is moving forward. The next level of progress comes with this update. The new Server World is not ready to be released; however, the Leveling Changes are implemented on the Beta Server. This brings the Beta Server in line with our previous statements. We will be reviewing the initial changes on Beta, as we continue to test the additional Server World before we release it to the public. As we continue testing, and begin to feel confident, we will set a more solid date for the full public release of the new Server World. We will let players know of the release in advance."


Official post

New FeaturesEdit

  • Alliance leaders have control of Members and Invitation/Application management
  • Mail storage limits for in-game mail will now be reflected in the Mail Review panel
  • Player Ranking will now update more frequently
  • Pending requests will appear on the new Requests tab
  • Taskmasters can now be Shocked

Bug FixesEdit

  • Friend Invites for current Facebook Friends has been fixed (Current Known Issues that Accepting Friend Invites is not working)
  • Wall post rewards now work, and will appear as "Gift Boxes” in the Vault of the Starter Dungeon
  • Players can now try to resend in-game mail, if they fail
  • Canceling survey now shows correct time for returns
  • Pillaging will no longer automatically end after 1800 rounds
  • Overlord's Influence Technology now gives the 1% experience bonus
  • The correct amount is now shown when selling back room tiles

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