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New FeaturesEdit

  • Alliance Leaders can now assign Alliance Leadership Permissions to additional members on the Roster Page
  • Alliance Leaders can now edit the Name, Tag, and Description of the Alliance
  • Players can now choose a unique Player Name

To Rename, players will receive a Quest. This Quest will display at the end of the Quest bar. If there is no room, players will have to complete other quests, for the Unique Player Name quest to appear. Reasons your Unique Player Name may fail:

   It is being used by someone else
   It is on the profanity or reserved word list
   It is less than 5 characters
  • Dungeon Starter Package, +25 Tiles and +3 Goblins permanently to a single Dungeon, is now available in the Store
  • Permanent Crafting Queue Boost of +4 Slots, for a single Dungeon, is now available in the Store
  • Recipes are now activated. Currently, the ability to craft 10 Fanciful Warlock Beds, and 10 Vigilant Guard Houses, is available in the Store. These function the same way as normal Warlock Beds and Guard Houses
  • Players who have not logged in, for more than two weeks, will have their Striking Creatures set to normal. Paydays will still be deducted, if Resources are available.
  • Players under New Player Protection will be indicated on the Mountain View in the Overworld
  Players safety timer starts after the Vengeance Questline is completed
  New Player Protection only applies to Starter Dungeons
  Players with New Player Protection can choose to attack other Dungeons; they will be prompted to confirm the action. If they choose to proceed, New Player Protection is cancelled, and the attack is allowed. 
  • Players must choose a Room Objective in the Dungeon Raid panel

Bug FixesEdit

  • The Ignore Player feature, for in-game Mail, now saves your choice
  • When completing the Tutorial and Vengeance Quests, the All Active Quests panel will not show any secondary Quests
  • Taskmasters should now function as soon as they are assigned
  • Fixed the issue where players were able to occupy a Conquered Dungeon, even if they did not have a Dungeon Slot available
  • Fixed the issue where Sappers were not being consumed after a successful Conquer

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