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Official post

New FeaturesEdit

  • Player Profiles are now accessible from the Overworld
  • Creatures who are training, cannot be Transferred
  • Implemented support for the Daily Quest feature; coming soon
  • The Help Tab now opens the Overlord Codex in a new Browser tab, with all content visible
  • The Halloween Theme has been turned off. Dungeons and creatures are back to their original states
  • Timed Store Items now have 3-Day and 1-Day options, as well as the 7-Day option
  • New Store Item: Basic Resource Boost Package is Available. Pack offers 7-Day Gold, Iron, Crystal, Food, and Research Boost

Bug FixesEdit

  • Quests requiring Leather are not visible until Vengeance is completed
  • Creatures should no longer Strike when Creatures of the same-type are Transferred
  • Abyssal Geology and Elements from the Earth’s Core Technologies now display correct information
  • Fixed issue where the Poison Trap did not display the required room, causing it to be uncraftable
  • Multiple Pages of Alliance Applications and Invitations can now be accessed

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